My Writing

Well, I’m slowly, but surely working on my WIP (work-in-progress, if you don’t know what that means).  I started on this story during NaNoWriMo 2015.  I got through it, finished the month…and then decided that I wanted to change what happened in most of the story.

Document trashed.

Well, not really.  I moved it to another folder so that I couldn’t see it anymore.  I still look at it from time to time to see if there’s anything I need to pull from it to supplement what I’ve rewritten.

I also decided to write a little differently this time.  I got a five-subject, college-ruled notebook, and whatever I write goes into it.  I’ve written seven of the fifty-four scenes that are going into my story.  I’m working on number eight at the moment, but I’m also trying to make up a more detailed outline.  This would be easier if I wrote things in order, but that’s neither here nor there.

I’m going to keep working on my outline, and my scene, and maybe I’ll have both done by the end of the day!

(P.S. Let me know what you guys are reading and/or writing!)


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