Getting Back to Normal

It…has been absolutely crazy.

On top of work and all the people coming and going through the office, and then getting home and doing housework-as if that’s not enough-today I had jury duty.  Thankfully, I wasn’t selected, but it was still an annoyance.

It was a federal court case, at a federal courthouse that was an hour and fifteen minutes from my home.  Had to be there at 9 a.m., found out I wasn’t selected at 12:15 p.m., then I had to go home to get my stuff for work, then drive to work.  I got there at 3:05 p.m., and I leave at 5 p.m.  It just hasn’t been my day.  Needless to say I go no reading or writing done today.

But I did get some writing done over the weekend.  Nothing new, I just managed to transfer three (I think) of my seven scenes from my notebook into Scrivener.  The total word count on my computer is officially 3,080.  My current scene count is 54.  I don’t think it’s too shabby.  It would probably help if I actually wrote in order, though, but I’m a hopelessly scattered person, so I’m not going to get my hopes up on the chance that I’ll get organized.  My method works for now.  I have a five-subject notebook.  Each subject starts off with a table of contents, I number all the pages, and that helps me keep track of what I’ve written.  When I finish a subject, I put it on my computer.

I do wish that I had a scanner that could copy the words from my notebook instead of me typing them in.  I’m one of those that constantly edits.  I’ll erase a whole sentence just because I mistyped the word “the” at the beginning.  I also have the handwriting of a serial killer, or so I’m told by my mother.  I promise I’m not, but I think the universe wanted me to be a doctor, what with my horrendous chicken-scratch.

Either way, tonight, I write.  (Hehe, that rhymed.  I’m know, I know.  Go ahead, roll your eyes.  I know you want to.)  I want to finish the scene I’ve started and maybe add another to my computer.  I’ll let y’all know how it goes!


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