You’d think I was better at this.

Note to self:  Do NOT watch music videos while taking a break from writing.  You know what happens then?

You get ANOTHER idea for ANOTHER story!  And then you can’t stop thinking about it.  And then you start trying to work on it.

I keep doing this.

Anyway.  I’m starting to work on the second story, and I need help.  I want to plot my characters a little more, put a little more meat on their bones.  So naturally I get on Pinterest to start looking for any good character profiles.  Two hours later, I’m still on Pinterest, but I’m looking at pictures of Sam, Dean, and Cas instead.  I don’t mind looking at their pictures, though.  Not one bit.

So to pull my attention away from that trio, what do I do?  I get on here to tell you about it!  Ha!

I’m still looking for a decent profile.  I haven’t found one I liked yet.  I need some world-building stuff, too.  It’s not easy creating fictional planets.

So, any of y’all have any good profiles or templates?  A questionnaire?  Anything?

By all means, let me know!  I’ll let you guys know if I find anything!


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