So, I gave up on the “writing it all down in a notebook” idea that I wanted to do at first.  I always end up pulling out my notebook, opening to the last page I wrote on, and just staring at the semi-blank page.  I then go to Pinterest.

I moved everything I’ve written so far and now have a more concrete word count.  10,305.  Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.  I’d written, I think, about 2,800 words in my notebook that I hadn’t moved to my laptop yet.  When I got everything transferred, I just kept typing and ended up at around 3,300 total.  That’s for 17 of my 54 scenes, so I’m about 1/3 of the way done.

I’ve also been hearing endlessly about July being Camp NaNoWriMo.  I’m not completely sold on participating (which means I probably will).  I haven’t logged onto the Camp site in a while, so I should probably do that first, before deciding to or not.  Either way, my plan is to be finished with the first draft of my story by November, that way I can work on one of my other stories for the big NaNoWriMo event then.  It will also give me a little time off from this first story.  I don’t want to get burned out on it.

Tell me what you think!  Should I the Camp and knock a few thousand words or go it alone?

See y’all next time!


Doing One Thing At A Time

This is something I’m not good at.  No matter what it is.  I go back and forth between two books, between two stories (actually, it’s three), between two scenes (this one’s three, too).

See what I mean?

I finished a scene-the next-to-last since I jump around.  Well, I “finished it” in that I moved on to the next scene I wanted to write, but the scene itself was split in half because I wanted to expand on it more.  This turned Scene 53 into Scene 53 and 53.5.  I already have a card made up for 54, so I wasn’t going to change it.  I finished 53 and started on…Well, which scene do you think I started on?  That’s right! Number 4!  How in the world it that a logical progression?  I just…I don’t know.  It’s a good thing no one’s going to see this story until it’s finished.


I started on Scene 4, but 53 and its new twin brother 53.5 were bugging me.  So what do I do?  I stop writing 4, halfway through mind you, and begin on 53.5.  Cue the face palming.

I will try to do better, but I’m not going to hold my breath.  I want to finish 53.5, then finish 4, and then (!) finish the other scene that I started before either of those but just can’t figure out what to do with.

So.  Three scenes, all in progress.  Wish me luck-I’m going to need it.

Working Through the Heat

The air unit in the office I work in has gone out.  I found that out this morning, when I walked into the building and it was 80 degrees.  It’s hot to say the least.  And it’s just going to get hotter.  The forecast today for my part of the state is listed as 95.  95 degrees, and the air doesn’t work.  And I don’t have a fan.  I do have a lot of folders though, so I guess I’ll just have to fan myself.  I’ve resorted to using those little, black metal clips to use in my hair.

I have half a mind to stop writing the scene I’m on right now and switch to one that’s angry, because I’m on my way there.  I’m going to try and finish this scene today-it’s a long one, but I think that I can manage it.  It’s a debriefing scene.  My two MC’s have to report to their boss and tell her what happened.  I anticipate a lot of sarcasm.  I love sarcasm, I live for sarcasm.  Especially in books, so I’m going to do my best.

I hope your day will go better than mine.

Bye, y’all!

Writing, writing, writing…

It seems like I’ve gotten back in the groove again.  I managed to finish a scene I’ve been stuck on for the past month!  I wanted to do a little happy dance when I did that.  I’m still only about halfway through that subject, so I haven’t started putting it down on my laptop yet.  There’s no telling how that’s going to go.

Also, I won a giveaway!  I’m ecstatic.  I don’t usually win them.  The author’s name is Kim Chance, and she is awesome.  I was turned on to her channel after Jenna Moreci(another author I follow) mentioned her.  I’ve watched all of her videos (Kim’s and Jenna’s).  They’ve helped me a lot, and that’s what got me to writing again.  That, and I’ve watched Kat from Katytastic on YouTube.  Want inspiration?  Go watch her dozens of videos about NaNoWriMo.  Seriously.

I’ve linked Kim’s website, and the YouTube channels for Jenna and Kat.  Take a peek if you’d like!

AND-if you know of any other awesome author YouTube channels I should take a look at, let me know!

Talk to  you soon!



I’ve plotted some more on S3 (my third story idea).  However, I’ve also gotten the bug to write on S1 (story idea one).  And I’ve reached the next page!

You have no idea how happy this makes me.  I’ve been on the same page for about a month now.

So this is what I’ve decided to do.  I’m writing S1.  I’m going to finish it by November.  I’m going to have everything written in my notebook, and I’ll have it all switched over to my laptop.  I will.

I will.

I’m going to do this and then use my S2 and S3 ideas as options for NaNoWriMo 2016.  And no doubt I’ll have a couple other ideas crop up before then.  But I’ll have at least two things to choose from instead of just having to pull something from thin air.

So far, I’m about half-way through one of the subjects in a five-subject notebook. Not too bad.  I think my first subject equaled around four or five thousand words, and that’s not including the dozen or so pages I ripped out from when I tried to use it for a class.  I think the whole notebook will hit 30,000, but I’m hoping for a little more.

My current scene is actually my next-to-last scene, since I’m not writing it in order.  In all, I think I’m about one-fourth of the way through my scenes.  I think.  I’ll probably be able to put the whole book into this notebook.  I’m getting the bare-bones down now and then I’ll use my computer to flesh things out more later on.


How are y’all doing on your WIP’s?

Slowly, but surely

I haven’t written much in the past few days, but I have a good reason this time!  I’ve been plotting.  And then I was watching something on TV and I got another idea, but instead of starting completely from scratch this time, I’m going to stick in this what I’m plotting right now.  I think I have somewhere it can fit.  If not, I’ll just make a new story.

What am I going to do with myself?

So far, I’ve got a couple of MC’s.  A girl named Sarah and a guy named Adam.  Adam is deaf, like I mentioned in my last post.  I hope his character works out, I really do.

I’ve got a few things in the setting pinned down.  I know where and when, basically.  I’ve also got the first scenes, maybe a couple chapters worth, put down on paper.

Here’s to new ideas!

How’s you’re story going?