Working Through the Heat

The air unit in the office I work in has gone out.  I found that out this morning, when I walked into the building and it was 80 degrees.  It’s hot to say the least.  And it’s just going to get hotter.  The forecast today for my part of the state is listed as 95.  95 degrees, and the air doesn’t work.  And I don’t have a fan.  I do have a lot of folders though, so I guess I’ll just have to fan myself.  I’ve resorted to using those little, black metal clips to use in my hair.

I have half a mind to stop writing the scene I’m on right now and switch to one that’s angry, because I’m on my way there.  I’m going to try and finish this scene today-it’s a long one, but I think that I can manage it.  It’s a debriefing scene.  My two MC’s have to report to their boss and tell her what happened.  I anticipate a lot of sarcasm.  I love sarcasm, I live for sarcasm.  Especially in books, so I’m going to do my best.

I hope your day will go better than mine.

Bye, y’all!


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