Reading and Writing

I just put up a review-type thing on Goodreads.  If you’d like to take a look, just head on over.  I didn’t spoil anything.  Of course, I’m also the worst reviewer in the world, so it’s not really that surprising.  The only thing you’ll find out is that I read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and liked it.

I’m still working on my own story, adding a few hundred words here and there.  I haven’t gotten to the part where I need to transplant a few thousand for the story to make sense.  I’m dreading that chapter, but I’ll just do what I have to.  I’m not sure if I’ve told you guys about Kat’s friends.  She has a younger, adoptive brother named Harry (I’ve tried to rename him, but nothing fit, you know?) and he watches out for Kat and is there whenever she needs him.  Kat also has a boyfriend.  His name is Jensen, and if you’re wondering if I named him after who you think I named him after-then yes.  That’s who I named him after.  The likelihood of Jensen or Daneel Ackles ever reading this book are slim-to-none, so boyfriend’s name is staying just the way it is.  It makes me smile when I type about him.  I’m weird, I know.  But the name does fit him.  All their names fit when I get down to it.  Kat is the only one that I had to change from the original, but I actually think Kat fits her better.

Next order of business is what I’m reading right now.  I found a bind up of The Castings Trilogy by Pamela Freeman the other day.  Now that HP is out of the way, I can start on it.  I got to the first page the other night, but I was going to end up falling asleep standing up, so I put it down.  I seems interesting so far.  I hope it’s good!

The other book is called What Stands in a Storm and it’s by Kim Cross.  I don’t know if any of you remember this, but in April of 2011 there was a severe outbreak of storms.  It started in the Rockies, slowly made it’s way down South.  It almost broke Mississippi and Alabama in two.  These particular storms were the third set to hit us, each worse than the last.  The second set of storms to go through hit about a mile from my childhood home.  We were lucky.  It’s been seven years and it still doesn’t look the same in my hometown.  In the third April storm, I was on the road, driving home from a college final.  During the test, the power had flickered at the campus-we knew it wasn’t good.  By the time I got home, the damage had been done for the most part.  We just hoped that it wasn’t going to happen again anytime soon.  Kim Cross’s book is about the third outbreak.  It’s amazing so far.  The only thing that can compare with living it, is reading it.

I’ll let y’all know how it goes!


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