So much crying…

In Kat’s defense, she’s been through a lot.  I would’ve cried too.  Upside is, she got through it.  And I finally finished Chapter 21!  I had to add more into this chapter so it would flow better.  I didn’t have to move anything else around, or make a different scene into this one, so it didn’t long to have this chapter finished.  Chapter 22 is going to be a little more complicated, I think.

I’ll manage.

Also, I’ve got 58, 600 words in my document.  At this rate, maybe I’ll have 65,000 when I get through this time around.  I want to be done by October–that’s my deadline.  I’ve got 112 pages to go (give or take a couple), but I can do it.  I’ve also gone through the first chapter with my multicolored pens, marking it up with things to fix when I get through.

I think it’s going to start getting good pretty soon, and I’m beginning to like where all this is going.

How about you guys–how much do you like what you’re writing?


18 Chapters, 72 Pages

And I’m almost halfway there.  I’ve been juggling the past couple of weeks between fixing chapters on my computer, looking over the chapters I’ve printed, and reading.  I really want to hit the 100-page mark, but I’m also around 50 pages into The Scorch Trials by James Dashner.  I had hopes of finishing all four books before the fifth, and supposed final, book in the Maze Runner series comes out.  I want to read, but I want to write.

I’ve gotten through the area where I had to take out part of my scenes because Kat gets amnesia.  I didn’t delete them, just moved them to the end of the document–because that would’ve been a 3,000-word hit on my word count.  It’s at 57,000 at the moment.  I think I’ll hit around 65,000 on this first run-through and reorganization.  I’ve got a few pages of “add–” and “add–“.  That may push me to around 80,000 the next time I got to print.  My poor printer.  It’s never worked this hard in its entire life.  I thought I’d lost it a few days ago, but no, it was just the color ink being stupid.

I also started getting NaNoWriMo emails today.  Is it really almost October?  Really?  I’ve got a small notebook filled with ideas for my next attempt.  I wonder what I’ll do?


That right there is my word count.  I’m a fourth of the way through reorganized my story and there’s ten chapters in the first fifty pages.  At the moment, I’m just taking what I’ve written and adding a few words to make a sentence more coherent or deleting a few so I’m not repeating myself.  I have a small notebook that I got in an OwlCrate box a couple months ago, big enough that my sloppy handwriting isn’t one word to a page, but small enough I can fit it in a bag or one of the small compartments on my backpack.  Every time I think of something, I write it down in my notebook, so that when I’m through getting everything lined up the way I want it, I can just look at my notes and go back to where I need to fix things or add things in.  I’ve got a small list of characters that I’m trying to add to, and a list of places where they’re going.  I’ve also got a gigantic three-ring binder at home that I’m keeping my printed chapters in, a few floor plans for houses, and anything else I decided to stick in.  If I do a chapter a day, it’ll take me just under a month to get a first draft done up so that I can start my revising!  Excited, yet terrified.

I’ll let  you know how it goes!  See y’all!

Working hard, or hardly working?

I’m getting there, I’m getting there.

My version of editing is slow going, at the moment.  I’m reorganizing my chapters and trying to even them out a little, as opposed to a 10-page Chapter 5 and a 20-page Chapter 8.  My chapter-page goal now is between 5-7 pages.  I’ve gotten to Chapter 8 now.  It’s not that hard to move the chapters around, but it’s a pain to figure out places to put the breaks.  I don’t want to cut them off mid-scene or something like that.  Most of them so far have done pretty good, but 8 is going to be hard.  It’s also going to be hard because I’ve changed the mannerisms of a few people and I’m having to rewrite how things are happening.  I like how it’s playing out, though, and I’m really beginning to like where it’s going.  I’ve found that I smile a lot when I’m writing.  Which, I mean, it’s a good thing because I’m liking what I’m writing.  It’s also a bad thing because people then ask me what I’m doing on my computer.  And by “people,” I mean family, and I really don’t what them reading what I’m writing at the moment.

Anyway!  Back to writing!  How are y’all doing on your stories?  Let me know!