Working hard, or hardly working?

I’m getting there, I’m getting there.

My version of editing is slow going, at the moment.  I’m reorganizing my chapters and trying to even them out a little, as opposed to a 10-page Chapter 5 and a 20-page Chapter 8.  My chapter-page goal now is between 5-7 pages.  I’ve gotten to Chapter 8 now.  It’s not that hard to move the chapters around, but it’s a pain to figure out places to put the breaks.  I don’t want to cut them off mid-scene or something like that.  Most of them so far have done pretty good, but 8 is going to be hard.  It’s also going to be hard because I’ve changed the mannerisms of a few people and I’m having to rewrite how things are happening.  I like how it’s playing out, though, and I’m really beginning to like where it’s going.  I’ve found that I smile a lot when I’m writing.  Which, I mean, it’s a good thing because I’m liking what I’m writing.  It’s also a bad thing because people then ask me what I’m doing on my computer.  And by “people,” I mean family, and I really don’t what them reading what I’m writing at the moment.

Anyway!  Back to writing!  How are y’all doing on your stories?  Let me know!


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