That right there is my word count.  I’m a fourth of the way through reorganized my story and there’s ten chapters in the first fifty pages.  At the moment, I’m just taking what I’ve written and adding a few words to make a sentence more coherent or deleting a few so I’m not repeating myself.  I have a small notebook that I got in an OwlCrate box a couple months ago, big enough that my sloppy handwriting isn’t one word to a page, but small enough I can fit it in a bag or one of the small compartments on my backpack.  Every time I think of something, I write it down in my notebook, so that when I’m through getting everything lined up the way I want it, I can just look at my notes and go back to where I need to fix things or add things in.  I’ve got a small list of characters that I’m trying to add to, and a list of places where they’re going.  I’ve also got a gigantic three-ring binder at home that I’m keeping my printed chapters in, a few floor plans for houses, and anything else I decided to stick in.  If I do a chapter a day, it’ll take me just under a month to get a first draft done up so that I can start my revising!  Excited, yet terrified.

I’ll let  you know how it goes!  See y’all!


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