18 Chapters, 72 Pages

And I’m almost halfway there.  I’ve been juggling the past couple of weeks between fixing chapters on my computer, looking over the chapters I’ve printed, and reading.  I really want to hit the 100-page mark, but I’m also around 50 pages into The Scorch Trials by James Dashner.  I had hopes of finishing all four books before the fifth, and supposed final, book in the Maze Runner series comes out.  I want to read, but I want to write.

I’ve gotten through the area where I had to take out part of my scenes because Kat gets amnesia.  I didn’t delete them, just moved them to the end of the document–because that would’ve been a 3,000-word hit on my word count.  It’s at 57,000 at the moment.  I think I’ll hit around 65,000 on this first run-through and reorganization.  I’ve got a few pages of “add–” and “add–“.  That may push me to around 80,000 the next time I got to print.  My poor printer.  It’s never worked this hard in its entire life.  I thought I’d lost it a few days ago, but no, it was just the color ink being stupid.

I also started getting NaNoWriMo emails today.  Is it really almost October?  Really?  I’ve got a small notebook filled with ideas for my next attempt.  I wonder what I’ll do?


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