So much crying…

In Kat’s defense, she’s been through a lot.  I would’ve cried too.  Upside is, she got through it.  And I finally finished Chapter 21!  I had to add more into this chapter so it would flow better.  I didn’t have to move anything else around, or make a different scene into this one, so it didn’t long to have this chapter finished.  Chapter 22 is going to be a little more complicated, I think.

I’ll manage.

Also, I’ve got 58, 600 words in my document.  At this rate, maybe I’ll have 65,000 when I get through this time around.  I want to be done by October–that’s my deadline.  I’ve got 112 pages to go (give or take a couple), but I can do it.  I’ve also gone through the first chapter with my multicolored pens, marking it up with things to fix when I get through.

I think it’s going to start getting good pretty soon, and I’m beginning to like where all this is going.

How about you guys–how much do you like what you’re writing?


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