January Wrap-Up!

Okay, surprisingly enough, I’ve been on a bit of a reading roll since the beginning of the year.  I got out of my cast, I got back to work (which is where I do the bulk of my reading), and I found some really awesome books that I wanted to read.

My Goodreads goal for the year is 50 books, so one book every 7 days and 7 hours.  Yes, I’m the weirdo that had to get the exact time per book.  I read five books in the month of January and started another, but wasn’t able to get it finished.

First up!

The Gunslinger by Stephen King.  This is the first book in the Dark Tower Series.  I’ve got the next two that I might read, but there’s no guarantee.  All I’ve ever heard about Stephen King was how twisted his stories were, and that this series was one of his best, but…I just don’t get it, I guess.  There wasn’t that much of a scare factor or anything like that.  I grimaced a few times, but that’s about it.  I gave it a 3 out of 5 stars.

Next in line is The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings.  She is co-authoring a book with a YouTuber that I watch, so I decided to do some research into her work.  I went into this book knowing nothing other than her name and I thought that it was pretty good.  There are a few head-scratching moments, but overall it was interesting.  I think it would be worth it to finish the rest of the series.  I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars.

The next three all received 5 out of 5 stars.

American Assassin by Vince Flynn was absolutely amazing.  I initially picked it up because of the movie they’re making with Dylan O’Brien as Mitch Rapp, but I’ve since bought most of the series.  I wasn’t sure what to expect-I’d never read anything out of the Crime genre unless it had some touch of supernatural to it (like The Dresden Files).  I was hooked within the first few pages.  The characters are great, the storyline is interesting.  It also doesn’t hurt to actually imagine Dylan O’Brien as I’m reading it.

After that I picked up Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff.  Again, I had no idea what I was getting in to.  All the YouTubers I watch loved it when it came out back in 2015, so I decided to finally jump on the bandwagon.  Am I glad that I did.  I’ve never read anything that’s formatted like this book.  You don’t expect it to be so engaging since it’s just a book-sized dossier.  The best part?  My name is on a casualty list.  I always check to see if my last name is in a book if there are any lists like this.  Well, the last name was there, and it was the only one listed.  Looked at the first part of the name and there’s my middle name.  I had to stop and take a picture.  I would’ve given this one 6 stars if I could have, and I’ve already gotten Gemina.

My final book that I finished for the month of January is Kill Shot by Vince Flynn.  It’s the second book following Mitch Rapp.  I’ve never been so happy to see a character get what was coming to them.  This person was seriously on my list of most disliked characters right beside Dolores Umbridge.  So far, this series has been fast-paced and action-packed.  I can’t wait to pick up the next book.

I did start another book in January-Heartless by Marissa Meyer.  I didn’t manage to finish it before the end of the month, so it’s going to be on February’s wrap-up!

As of the first of February, I was one book ahead of schedule for my reading challenge.  How was your January reading?